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1. If you want to streamline your daily work

Order management database

Register daily order information and issue a delivery note.

Issuance of production control and work instructions

Register the monthly production plan and daily production plan and issue work instructions.

Business progress management / Gantt chart

Manage your work schedule using the Gantt chart.

Construction (project) schedule management

We manage the construction schedule up to several months ahead of the construction (project).

2. Quotations, invoices, cost control

Invoice creation and sales management

Issue invoices and manage sales and deposits by customer.

Issuance of Quotation

Register the product and issue a quotation. It has a PDF file output and a copy function of the quotation.

Construction (project) cost control

Register material costs and labor costs, and total the costs and gross profit for each construction (project).

Sales management by customer

You can freely search for information by registering contract details and sales information for each customer.

Online shop sales management

It issues invoices for online shops, manages deposits, and has sales aggregation functions.

3. If you want to manage products

Goods receipt / delivery / inventory management

Register warehousing / delivery and manage inventory. There is an inventory aggregation function.

Product inventory management

We support inventory management at the time of settlement in a company with a large number of products.

Barcode printing

You can print the product number of your company's product as a barcode with CODE39 or JAN code.

Free cut sales and inventory management

You can manage sales and inventory when selling logs etc. in free cut.

4. If you want to manage customer information and member information

Temple members / annual festival management

Manage temples, shrine members, and annual festivals. You can manage annual festivals and legal schedules.

Cram school / sports club membership management

Manages member deposit management and member information. There is also a membership card issuance and postcard printing function.

Membership management of a dating agency

You can set custom fields to manage customer information.

5. Others

Player (physical condition, practice plan, match result) management

You can display the athlete's physical condition, practice plan, and match results in a graph, and manage the blood test measurement results.

Information management of tourist spots

Operate with the touch panel and let tourists freely search for tourist information.

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