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The database changes the job or the company.If you think that I want to reduce administrative costs or Is it possible to do this kind of software?, please contact to us.MS Access Business Management System Development

We propose easy-to-use Database for your custom purpose.

Shift data management from Excel to Access to improve operational efficiency.

High Quality and Low Price, is it true?

We aim to be the best in the region and are offering it at the lowest price in the region.

System development using Access is based on low software costs and development costs are much cheaper.

We also have a track record of developing English and Chinese versions.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Suzuki Corporation, Yamaha Corporation, Manufacturing town of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture with 35 years of experience and trust.

Improving work efficiency is proof of high quality.

1.Example of Introduction: Order and Order Management System in the Manufacturing Industry

Information that used to be managed on a single PC using Excel can now be managed by a network system of about 10 PCs with Access as business expands.(4-frame cartoon Click to enlarge)

2.Example of Introduction: Construction Industry Schedule Management System

In-house information such as appointments is managed by hand, and it was difficult to manage future appointments, but by systematizing the format as it is, it has become possible to manage appointments without losing the feeling of use. (4-frame cartoon Click to enlarge)

Access makes it possible to aggregate data and print forms with the operation of a button, We will develop a system that can centrally manage information that has been managed individually until now on multiple PCs and share it with all employees, the time required for office processing and business management is greatly shortened, leading to business expansion, overtime pay can also be reduced by improving work efficiency.

We believe that custom database development is [a job that plays a part in the customer's business.]
Please leave it to us!

Access DB Support, 35 years of experience, From Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Main development results

Business trip meeting + quotation + basic design is available for free

We will have a meeting by looking at actual materials etc. In order to improve quality, we actually listen to the stories and aim for the system that the customer wants.

Reliable after-sales service and long-term support

The free support period is 3 months from the delivery date. Defects that occur during the free support period will be dealt with the highest priority. Even after 5 or 10 years, please consult us about anything, such as responding to version upgrades and remodeling systems accompanying business changes.

Remote operation support We provide meetings and system operation support, so customers who are far away can also trade with confidence. Unnecessary costs can also be reduced, and sudden troubles can be dealt with on the same day.

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