Development, Remodelling, Maintenance, Access Version Upgrade

Workflow until delivery

Access Development Workflow until delivery

1. Request a Quote
Please make a request by the following method. Inquiries and questions are also welcome.
  * Production costs Automatic Quote
  * Inquiry
  * E-mail(
  * TEL: 81-053-582-6280
2. Specification meeting
* Review the specifications required for quotation.
* Refer to the forms and Excel files you are currently using.
3. Basic design and submission of quotation
* Main Specifications
* Main features
* Design of Output form and we will submit it together with a quotation.
So far, we will respond free of charge.
4. Development orders
* When you place an order, check the specifications and delivery date.
* As a starting fee, we charge about 20% of the order amount.
* Usually, we sign contracts.
5. Detailed design and specification determination
* Detailed design
* specification determination
* Determine the structure of the database
6. Programming
In-house programming by in-house staff
7. Test operation and verification
At this stage, have the customer check the operation.
We also conduct input tests and printing tests.
8. Fix the program and check operation
Fine-tune the defect point.
9. Delivered and start operation
Install on a specified computer or file server.
10. Free support for 3 months from delivery
* The free support period is 3 months from the delivery date.
* Defects that occur during the free support period will be dealt with the highest priority.
* We support you by phone, email, and remote control.
11. Paid maintenance service started * After the free support period ends, it becomes a paid support contract.
* When trouble occurs, we will be dealt with the highest priority.
* We will respond to questions about operation as many times as you want by phone or email.
* We will manage the original program responsibly.

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