Development, Remodelling, Maintenance, Access Version Upgrade

Remodeling existing systems

Remodeling Access existing systems

Modify the system you are currently using

We accept modifications of the following cases.

Version upgrade of Access. Upgrade from Access2000 to Access2021

Currently, using a system standalone, so we specificate that system can be shared by multiple people.

Remodeling Access flow

1. First, we will check the current system.
We will ask you about the contents of the remodeling and additional items.
2. Submit a quotation
We submit a quotation.
( So far, we will respond free of charge. )
3. Orders
After receiving your order, we will confirm the specifications and delivery date.
Please pay approximately 20% of the order amount as a starting fee.
4. Design and specification determination
Retrofit Program Design
Checking Specifications
5. Programming
6. Test operation and operation confirmation
At this stage, the customer will be asked to confirm the operation once.
We will repeat the data entry test and the printing test within our company to confirm the movement.
7. Program fixes and tweaks
Fine-tune the specification.
8. Delivery and production
We will set up the PC or file server specified by the customer.
9. 3 months free support period
The free support period is usually 3 months.

Remodeling Costs

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